Water Services from Energycentric

We are Business Utility Experts

At Energycentric we have forged a reputation as Business Utility Experts. Our Energy Procurement and Energy Management services have helped the clients we serve to save vast sums of money on their consumption, thanks to our dedication to transparency, accountability and, above all, honesty through impartial advice. For many years we have tendered on behalf of our clients to the industry’s major energy suppliers, streamlining the process and delivering simple, affordable bills at the end. Utilising the experience and knowledge we have of procurement, we can now announce that Energycentric will also be suppling Water to our clients too.

One of the reasons that we have looked to add water to our offering has been the sheer number of clients we have seen disadvantaged by their water company. It is estimated that 25% of businesses are paying more than they should on their water bill. We intend to reduce costs and consumption for our clients, improve the sustainability of the company and ultimately help them to choose a supplier who will deliver an efficient water solution.

As part of the service we offer, we can also look to challenge suppliers on overcharging, and look to recover money for our clients. We analyse charges that you may have received and contest them where possible. Our partners are renowned water consultants Cadantis Associates. They have a proven track record of recovering overpayments, with an impressive £20m in refunds and savings to date. Most important to the service is their success rate, which reads at 95%, and the guarantee that an invoice for services will only be issued once a case is won and refund received.

The reason that overcharging is rife in the water industry is down to the complexity of proving that an overpayment has been made. It is regrettably simple for a supplier to incorrectly calculate a bill and add unnecessary charges, such as surface water drainage, foul sewerage and even the addition of readings from meters outside of a development’s boundaries. If challenged, the supplier asks the consumer to prove that the charges are incorrect, which is not always easy without the specialist knowledge that companies such as Cadantis have developed.

The addition of water to the Energycentric offering, and the partnership with Cadantis Associates, also coincides with government plans to deregulate the water market in 2017. This opens the market up to competition, meaning that Water Companies will no longer have a monopoly over a region and must instead compete for customer loyalty. This will inevitably lead to better water delivery, customer service and a more efficient and affordable system. It is anticipated that £30m worth of discounts will become available to customers as a result.

What this all means is that through Energycentric, businesses and individual residents alike have the ability to not only save money by switching to a more sustainable and cost effective supplier, but also reclaim funds by appealing against extortionate water bills.

For more information on Energycentric’s water services, call 01708 765555 or email us on info@energycentric.co.uk for more details.