Why do we need help finding the right utility provider for our business? So, the best decision for our business utilities are made. In your industry you are the expert, if you’re not an utility broker who would you want finding the right supplier to keep your energy bills down, the expert.

Not only do you save time and money but you can trust that the Energy Broker you have hired will see through the vast amounts of small print and misselling that the market can be riddled with. To make sure your energy procurement is working for your business, you must have a strategy. Not quite sure where to start? Here are a few of the many reasons to find yourself a broker.


Any business, no matter how big or small, needs to spend where it needs to spend, and save everywhere else. By choosing an external trusted advisor you can gain from the high standards of professionalism, knowing they will prepare your business with honest advice and provide a transparent service after analysing market data, intelligence and historic price trends to help buy your energy at the best time for your business. These savings will free up revenue to pump into the aspects of your business that excite you, not drain you.


Any strategic business person will always be looking into streamlining their business, finding the best use of time and prioritising every minute. By employing a utility broker, it will free up your time to focus on the real needs of your business. A utility broker will have the knowledge, experience, and language to deal with an ever changing market, offering you ongoing support. They’ll have energy saving experts on hand, offer you multi packages at multi sites, all under one bill. What will take them a moment to recognise what you need, will take a moment for you to wonder where to start.


We expect within business relationships a certain amount of loyalty to and from good clients and providers. All across the spectrum businesses want to retain their customer base and customers want an established and continued service. A good Utility broker will have a strong relationship with energy providers, making sure they find the best prices and deals for their clients, and maintaining this at a very high level. External brokers have an unbiased view as they have an almost unlimited choice of suppliers and know which supplier is most suitable for their clients business.

Overall the most important reasons for choosing an energy broker is to save money, time and resources, and if your business isn’t saving in any of these aspects due to your energy bills, then it’s time to find a respected energy broker.

Energycentric have a wealth of knowledge and experience in utility brokerage, offering expert analysis, posting weekly market updates of three different utilities, covering various industry sectors, offering energy management and sustainable energy advice. At Energycentric our mission is simple: to save you money on your utility costs.