The water market is changing, let us help you take the plunge.

Water deregulation is on the horizon for all non-domestic customers in England, regardless of size or usage level. From 1st April 2017, organisations in England join those in Scotland in having the freedom to pick who will supply their retail water services. Choice is good! And with that choice comes the chance to save money and get better customer service.

What lies at the heart of the new regulations is the splitting of wholesale and retail water services. The difference is that, wholesale services cover the delivery of your water and the management of the infastructure such as the pipes and treatment plants, along with the removal and handling of wastewater. Meanwhile the retail services include all the customer-facing activities.

It’s all about to change for businesses in England. Click on the links below for a brief overview.
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When the market opens, customers may be able to choose one retailer for their water retail services and another reailer for their wastewater services, or you can just have one for both. This enables you to have all your invoices cut down to one single bill presented neatly to your Finance Department.

Your chosen retailer will be able to help you with any query you may have such as:

•Your bills and payments

•Reading your meter

•Customer service

•And water saving advice

As part of our ongoing service at Energycentric, we continue to monitor water charges to ensure bills are invoiced correctly. Discrepancies in charging are analysed by our experienced team before reporting back to clients with our findings. With clients’ permission, we will pursue potential recoveries, dealing directly with the water companies on their behalf.

In Scotland, the non-domestic water market opened to competition in April 2008, and in those 9 years customers have saved more than £36m from the competition that has been sparked within the water industry.

We’ve put together some useful guides to help you get your business ready for the new water market opening in April 2017.

How your business water procurement will change

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you get up to speed and get your business ready.

Buyers Guide 
Our comprehensive FAQ

Everything you need to know about the changes occurring in 2017.


Deregulation made easy

Our deregulation checklist covers all industries so that you can understand what’s most important for your business.

Deregulation Checklist

Our invoice validation experts will check all the following charges on your behalf

Surface Water

Surface Water



Highways Drainage

Highways Drainage

Meter Standing

Meter Standing

Property Drainage

Property Drainage

Effluent Discharge

Effluent Discharge

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