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Wind Power

In Britain, we have enough wind to power the country several times over. Turbines harness this energy by working like an old-fashioned windmill with rotor blades that face into the wind. When the blades are spinning, they drive a shaft that is connected to an electrical generator. Most wind turbines produce electricity when the wind is blowing at 10-30mph.

Tidal Energy

The British mainland coastline is 11,072 miles long and has some of the highest tidal ranges in the world. The tidal range in the Severn Estuary that creates the Severn Bore can be as much as 50 feet (15.4 metres), the second highest in the world.


Hydro is energy taken from flowing water and converted to electricity. There are many methods to capture this, the most common of which is using a hydroelectric dam, where water flows through an area that causes turbines to rotate.The energy then powers the generator.


Solar energy is used for generating electricity. This is accomplished with the use of solar cells. A solar cell is a semiconductor for converting light to an electric current.

Because the electrical currents from solar cells are small, solar panels must be used for enough energy to be converted. These are a series of large panels to collect a larger amount of light, and are you usually placed on rooftops or in fields. The light from the sun can also be converted to heat sources for buildings.


The term Biomass usually refers to organic matter, such as timber and crops, grown specifically to be burnt to generate heat and power.

Biomass is sustainable, and generally carbon neutral, because the carbon released in the combustion process is offset by the carbon trapped in the organic matter by photosynthesis during its growth. To be truly carbon-neutral we need to make sustainable use of plants or trees as fuel, and replant them as we harvest them. Then the carbon will be reabsorbed in a continuous and virtuous cycle.

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