If your business gas costs are soaring, contact us today. We’ll help you turn the tap down on your gas bills.

Are fluctuating gas prices making it difficult for you to forecast your energy spend?

In recent times, wholesale gas prices have been extremely volatile, which has resulted in nasty surprises for some businesses when renewing their gas contracts.

Energycentric can help by comparing business gas prices from every relevant energy supplier to find the best deal. Our experts can also help clients decide whether to fix the price of their gas or leave the price floating.

  • We have gas procurement solutions for all types of business:
  • Flexible purchasing deals for small businesses
  • Instant online switching for clients with one or two smaller sites
  • Full portfolio management and fully funded energy projects for larger buyers or groups


We are so confident with our service that it is offered to clients on a no contractual tie-ins basis with our clients free to leave us at any time.

Our Services Include

Market Analysis

Gives you the knowledge to prepare for budgeting

Ongoing Bill Validation

Ensures you are not being overcharged

Free Energy Reviews

Provides information on what savings you can make

Flexible Contracts

Giving you control without contract tie-ins

Transfers to New Suppliers

Saves you time and removes the hassle

Group Buying Schemes

To make additional savings

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Find out how we can reduce your gas costs and provide budget certainty.
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