Energy Procurement

At Energycentric we work with you to secure the best possible price and product for your energy contract.

How does your business decide when it’s the right time to secure your energy contract?

As the UK energy market grows, the range of different prices, products, bills and contracts available from energy suppliers have become more complex and difficult to understand.

We are independent and purchase energy on behalf of many companies, which means we hold strong purchasing leverage within the market. We are so confident with our service that it is offered to clients on a no contractual tie-ins basis, with our clients free to leave us at any time.

In addition, we can assist with any other energy needs that clients have, including:

  • Smart metering
  • Advice on energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint
  • New connections
  • Demand reduction schemes


We are committed to securing the most commercially viable energy solution for our clients. On the rare occasion that better prices are available by going direct to the supplier, we will be happy to explain the pros and cons of choosing this option.

Energycentric offers full European compliance for utility procurement and will adhere to all rules and regulations set out by the OJEU tendering process.

Our Services Include

Market Analysis

Gives you the knowledge to prepare for budgeting


Ongoing Bill Validation

Ensures you are not being overcharged

Free Energy Reviews

Provides information on what savings you can make


Flexible Contracts

Giving you control without contract tie-ins


Transfers to New Suppliers

Saves you time and removes the hassle

Group Buying Schemes

To make additional savings



To get you the best possible price for your energy


CRC Advice

Assurance and helpful best-practice advice

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