Energy Management

In a time when energy markets and costs are very volatile, we help you to manage your usage and bills.

Our support doesn’t stop at switching to a lower cost supplier on your behalf; we’ll also manage the contract for you. Our expert consultants offer great energy management services

Our Services Include


Supplier Management and Communications

At Energycentric we give clients a dedicated account manager who manages their utility contracts on their behalf, and supports them with any supply queries or issues they may have

Regular Reporting on Energy Consumption

Energy markets and costs are very volatile, so businesses need to manage their usage and being as efficient as possible to keep costs down

Access to our Client Services Portal

All account information, from invoices to contract end dates, is available online 24/7 on our user-friendly and bespoke portal


Bill Validation

To highlight billing errors, prevent overpayment and ensure only verified bills are paid. We’ll check clients’ billing going back several years, which often results in significant credits and rebates

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