We tender your requirements to all major energy suppliers, deal with the complexities and save you time and money.

We can tender for your electricity contracts to all energy suppliers.

We can tender clients’ requirements to all major energy suppliers, deal with all the complexities, and provide a transparent and clear report outlining exactly what prices each supplier is offering, with no hidden extra costs. Once clients decide, we can also manage the transfers and administration, and monitor the account throughout the entire contract.

Third Party Charges (TPCs), also known as Non-Energy Cost (NECs), such as transmission and distribution charges, and Government costs for investment in future electricity generation, currently make up over 50% of a business’s energy bill. These charges are generally increasing across the board, and therefore are having a big impact on businesses’ energy costs.

Additionally, with the new Energy Market Reform (EMR) charges introduced in April 2015, such as Capacity Market (CM) and Contracts for Difference (CfD), businesses should ensure they fully understand the terms and conditions of these costs when agreeing their energy contracts.

It is vital when businesses look to place energy contracts in the future that they work with an experienced energy consultant. Energycentric can help you understand these new charges, how they affect energy costs, and explain what products are available in the market to protect against future increases. Please click here for our guide on Non-Energy Cost.

We are so confident with our service that it is offered to clients on a no contractual tie-ins basis with our clients free to leave us at any time. Please click here to see what makes our clients stay with us for many years.

Our Services Include

Market Analysis

Gives you the knowledge to prepare for budgeting


Ongoing Bill Validation

Ensures you are not being overcharged

Group Buying Schemes

To make additional savings

Free Energy Reviews

Provides information on what savings you can make


Flexible Contracts

Giving you control without contract tie-ins

CRC Advice

Assurance and helpful best-practice advice


To get you the best possible price for your energy


Transfers to New Suppliers

Saves you time and removes the hassle

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