At Energycentric, not only can we support you with managing your utility costs, but we are also proud to offer sustainable, renewable and green energy. Due to the current problems, we are facing with climate change it is important to make sure we each do our part to help make a change. 

Renewable Sources

Therefore we use the following as renewable sources of energy:

Wind power – The big turbines you mostly see out at sea are powered by wind, they harness enough energy to power the country several times over. When the blades spin, they drive a shaft that is connected to an electrical generator. The average speed the wind needs to be blowing at is 10-30mph in order for any electricity to be made.

Hydro Energy – Flowing water is used to make electricity and this is known as hydro energy. The most common way to capture this is by using a hydroelectric dam, where the water flows through and causes turbines to rotate. 

Solar – Solar cells is a semiconductor which is used to convert light into an electric current. The current from solar cells is too small too, therefore, we use solar panels in order to allow the energy to be converted. 

Biomass – This refers specifically to organic matter. They are specifically grown to be burnt and generate heat and power.   

So if you want to find out more about how we can help you change to sustainable energy and also help you out with managing your costs then give us a call on  01708 765555, alternatively, you can email us at

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