Referendum Message

Leaving the EU

After months of deliberation the UK have voted to leave the European Union. This is one of the single most crucial decisions the UK has had make in the past 30 years which will result in significant changes for the UK.
Short term this is difficult news for the economy as reflected in the sudden fall in the stock market this morning with the FTSE falling 8.5% on market opening. Undoubtedly this will be a challenging time as the process begins to find a new Prime Minister to lead the country through the complex process of negotiating our exit. At this stage it is difficult to know whether this will be a blip that will right itself in the coming days or is a longer term structural re-alignment.

However, we do not expect any significant changes to the structure of the energy markets. All the key laws and regulations that cover our market are part of UK law and well accepted.

Talks with all suppliers have begun today with the general censors that from Monday 27th it will be “Business as usual”. All existing contracts will remain unchanged and unaffected.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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