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  Why do we need help finding the right utility provider for our business? So, the best decision for our business utilities are made. In your industry you are the expert, if you're not an utility broker who would you want finding the right supplier to keep your...

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Rise in Energy Prices Energy prices have risen dramatically over the past three weeks and today we would like to inform you of some of the factors that have brought about this rise. The volatility in the market began with the OPEC’s decision to cut oil production so...

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Who Are We? At Energycentric, we have helped many UK businesses across different sectors to reduce their energy bills. But what makes us a leading light in the business utility sector is that we go the extra mile to provide a personal service. This way, we can get to...

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What's Changed? Both versions of the UK power Day-Ahead firmed on Wednesday, resisting bearish sentiment from the NBP prompt, instead responding to lower forecasted wind generation for Thursday. The majority of curve products, however, moved in line with the...

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  The deregulation of the water industry is something that England has waited eight years to initiate. In 2008, Scotland became the first country within the UK to tackle the monopoly of regional water suppliers and have since seen a sharp increase in both...

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We are Business Utility Experts At Energycentric we have forged a reputation as Business Utility Experts. Our Energy Procurement and Energy Management services have helped the clients we serve to save vast sums of money on their consumption, thanks to our dedication...

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What To Expect? With 2015 now nothing more than a distant memory, it is now the time to look forward and begin to anticipate what is likely to happen over the next 12 months for the energy industry, and how these predictions can be used to the benefit of our clients....

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What is the Big Six? We have reached the end of our Energy Series. We have already looked at How Energy is Generated in our first post, with a brief history on each of the energy sources we use in the UK, moved onto Understanding Energy Supplyin the next, and the...

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Energycentric is an independent energy procurement and consultancy firm, offering advice on how to reduce and manage your energy costs. Our company has experience in dealing with corporate clients and managing large multi site / multi metered portfolios. We Work Closely with all types of businesses in the public and private sectors.