business managment with energy savingsSchools gained the ‘academy’ status, offering independence in arranging their own utility contracts. Education is an incredibly pivotal sector, but many factors including energy costs are often forgotten. Now that schools back in, these outgoings should not be overlooked.

Instead of having to make reductions in staff, equipment or facilities, it should be time to start making savings on energy costs. When overheads become too high it is often the case that key working staff suffer, being made redundant or left with a reduction in the hours worked. This can be avoided by the overheads of other areas being considered, including what the school spends on their energy bills. Energycentric can offer qualified and educated advice, having many years of experience in the Utilities sector and proven success.

Energycentric launched in 2008 and to date employs over 35 staff from its London based offices. Experienced British-based account managers offer professional and friendly support to clients, always providing an exceptional utility consultancy service. It is a leading light in the business utility sector, committed to operating its entire business with trust, transparency and accountability, and this is achieved by providing training and development for its people, educating them on honesty and integrity, and investing in bespoke systems to support it to continuously deliver on its promises to clients.

Energycentric are able to offer fair pricing and excellent service in a clear and simple informative manner. Utilizing modern technology to make managing energy easier, which is treated with honesty and openness by its team. ‘If you want to save money, it’s what we do best. Get in touch with our team today!’ 

To receive a quote detailing your energy requirement, please contact one of its utility experts today and receive independent advice on how you can reduce your businesses’ utility costs. There is no obligation – To review your current utility bills and have an informal discussion about how Energycentric can help you now and into the future please call the team on 01708 765555 or email