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"Energycentric discovered that we had overpaid by £50k"


An energycentric client

Keeping energy bills

fully grounded for a European airline

A European airline needed to reduce their energy consumption and costs. They came to us for assistance and since that time we have not only helped them to establish a strategy that encompasses saving money on the wholesale energy market, but we’ve also provided value-added services that reduce consumption in a sustainable way. As part of our service we embarked on a series of utility audits at various sites, working alongside the incumbent suppliers. The audit results were fed back to the client with a series of recommendations including: ‘Bill Validation’ upgrades and enhanced data management services. They was able to implement the changes we recommended, which have been funded by the suppliers, and which have subsequently reduced consumption by 30%. Furthermore, the airline have also been able to reduce its carbon footprint because the changes made were in a sustainable manner. Due to the enhancements made in our Customer Management System, the client is now also able to monitor their usage from an online portal, which enables them to provide budget analysis reports for financial reporting purposes.

Case studies by energycentric

Tightening the tap on water bills for a global manufacturer

In January 2014, a global manufacturer was advised by its incumbent water supplier that its account was in order and that all utility charges were correct and payable. The global manufacturer thought their bills were sky high, so they called us in to investigate. As part of the process we loaded their data onto the Energycentric Corporate Customer Management System in order to develop a history and a pattern to their consumption. This flagged up some anomalies in their billing, so we called in our forensic partners who undertook a further investigation involving several site visits with the Water Company present. The investigations revealed that our client had been charged too much and was entitled to a refund dating back to 2001. As a result, the Water Company refunded £270,000 and a saving of £31,000 per annum was achieved for the client going forward. The client has since invested the refund into a sustainable water strategy for a particular site.

case studies - First Port, an energycentric client.

Improving energy costs for FirstPort’s 3,700 sites and 8100 meters

FirstPort is the UK’s leading property management services business and in 2011 we secured their new electricity contract for 1600 sites across the UK. As part of our work, we were not only able to show our expertise in procurement at the time, but we were also able to demonstrate how our bureau services and online portal could be adapted to cater for these 1600 sites. As we had done such a good job in terms of reducing energy spend, the group asked us to tender again in 2013, but this time for all of their circa 3700 sites and circa 8100 meters. In September 2013, Energycentric Corporate was awarded the entire group contract and not only were we able to once again procure on the wholesale energy market at the right time and bring other energy suppliers into the tender process (something not previously achieved) but we demonstrated a complete understanding of their business in terms of the administration of their group portfolio. We put in place a management framework agreement encompassing: procurement, bill validation, payment services, data management and all related bureau services. We also instigated work place training for the online portal, scheduled regular monthly meetings to discuss progress, and moved key members of our staff to best meet the needs of FirstPort.

Case studies - Acevo - charity leaders network

Helping charities keep more of the money they raise for the people they raise it for

ACEVO is the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations and is the leading voice for chief executives in the third sector. In 2009, we were contacted by ACEVO to see if we could reduce the cost of their electricity. As we were able to save them over 40% going forward and recover nearly £6k in overpaid invoices from the previous three years, they were impressed and consequently asked us to pitch the same service to their members. Our challenge was to create a product using the buying power of ACEVO’s members that not only reduced the price they were paying for their utilities, but reduced consumption in a sustainable way. By partnering with British Gas; who were the chosen supplier based on their ability to provide both gas and electric contracts, include added value in terms of reducing energy consumption by offering energy audits, free AMR metering and reduced boiler care cover. We launched the first contracts on 1 October 2013 with over 150 member organisations included within the basket. A 24 month fully fixed contract has now been put in place for gas and electric which provides budget certainty in difficult financial times, and has achieved savings for all ACEVO members at a time when the price of gas and electric is rising consistently on the wholesale energy market. Because Energycentric Corporate provides bill validation and cost recovery, all invoices for the members are also now being validated ensuring no errors. Many members have also taken advantage of the reduced boiler care packages on offer and the roll out of the free AMR meter installations has begun.

“We’ve created the ACEVO Energy Basket to help our members cut energy costs and manage their energy usage in a sustainable way.” Sir Stephen Bubb, CEO, ACEVO

“The best energy is the energy saved. I’m endorsing the ACEVO Energy Basket because it will help drive down energy usage as well as cost.” Tom Flood, CBE, Energy Savings Trust

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