Members of ACEVO can benefit from reduced costs by joining the ACEVO Utility scheme.

Benefits of the ACEVO Utilities scheme

  • Competitive group priced gas and/or electric contract
  • Group procurement strategy with wholesale utility prices
  • Fully fixed prices with no additional costs during the term of the contract
  • Renewable sourced electricity
  • Bespoke water prices and consumption reducing services
  • Cost Recovery service due to previous overpayments
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Bill validation
  • User-friendly portfolio management via online software
  • Sustainable metering and management advice

Who can benefit?

The ACEVO Utility scheme has been specifically designed so that it can be used by all organisations that are members of ACEVO, regardless of size or whenever your utility contract renewal dates fall due. Not only is this particularly beneficial to smaller third sector organisations that will benefit from the pooling of resource, but larger organisations can enjoy similar benefits normally reserved for corporate private sector companies.

Members with existing utility arrangements through another consultant can also benefit from this scheme, in particular from the competitive procurement structure and additional services available.
It is important to note that you can maintain complete independence and have arrangements in place totally bespoke to your needs, but at the same time benefit from the group procurement strategy and services provide under this group arrangement.

Additionally, you will be able to choose your water supplier from April 2017 and Energycentric are looking to provide a water product and service exclusive to ACEVO member organisations.

For more details about the ACEVO Utility scheme please click here


Energycentric has been an ACEVO strategic partner for many years providing energy management and procurement advice to its members. In that time, we have helped many third sector clients achieve savings on their gas and electric contracts going forward and recovered many thousands of pounds on overpaid gas and electric invoices via our cost recovery service.

With energy costs rising and a government committed to a sustainable future, balancing essential economic cuts with fundraising in a depressed financial environment is proving more difficult than ever before. Now we can help.

Here’s what our members say so far;

“Moving water into the ACEVO utilities scheme is a great way for members to save money, tidy up their bills while also ensuring wastage and consumption is reduced”
Tom Flood CBE, Energy Savings Trust

“I first met an Energycentric representative at the ACEVO Annual Conference in 2011  at a time when we were struggling to sort out the utilities for our brand new extracare scheme in Birmingham. Within a week I had a visit and within days they were able to sort out the problems with the incumbent supplier and had full understanding of a multi- site organisation? We saved 25% on our gas and electric contracts in the process! We followed on with our remaining schemes as and when the contracts came up for renewal and I am looking forward to joining the ACEVO Utility Scheme.”
Jean-Luc Priez, CEO, Lench’s Trust

“Energycentric have been with ACEVO for over 10 years and our members tell me they really appreciate their service and the saving they achieve through our work together. They are the utilities department for small businesses everywhere and a key ACEVO partner.”
Vicky Browning, CEO, ACEVO

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