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Who Are We?

Energycentric is a business utility consultancy based in London, Wokingham, Bournemouth, Exeter and Manchester. Our mission is simple: we want to help you save money on your utility costs. We are able to do this by building and maintaining strong relationships with utility providers and our clients.


Our team are constantly monitoring market trends. As a UK energy company, we are therefore able to make sure that all our clients buy resources during the most cost-effective periods of the year. Our team also ensure to review our client’s accounts on an on-going period to ensure they are on the most competitive tariff.


We are here to save you money. If that is what you are looking to do, you have the right energy supplies company.


Our Services

At Energycentric, we can help you by finding the best and worst energy suppliers in the UK. Our team do this by creating energy suppliers comparison lists and ensuring the you get the best deal for your requirements.


In a time when the energy markets and costs are extremely volatile, we are here to help you manage your usage and bills. Our support does not stop as soon as you switch to a lower cost supplier, we will also manage the contract for you. We offer great energy management services to all our clients.


As an energy supplies company, we offer supplier management and communications. We give our clients a dedicated account manager who will manage their utility contracts on their behalf. Our team will also support our clients with any supply queries or issues they may have.


We also offer regular reporting on energy consumption. Since the energy market is extremely volatile we are here to be your energy department. This means that we will manage your usage and being as efficient as possible to keep costs down.


Every client is given access to our client services portal. Here, you will find all your account information. This includes invoices to contract end dates. What’s even better, this is available online, 24/7, on our user-friendly and bespoke portal.


Our services also include bill validation. To highlight any billing errors, prevent overpayment and ensure only verified bills are paid. We will check our clients’ billing going back several years, this can often result in significant credits and rebates.



When you choose us, as your energy supplies company, we will help you make significant savings on your business energy costs. Our support and help will save you time and have the transfer and ongoing bill validation managed for you. With Energycentric, you will get accurate, impartial and experienced advice.


Let us become your energy department, leaving you to run your business!


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You can reach our team on 01708 765 555 or by sending an email to: We can also be found on social media. Follow our team on: Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our latest news and updates.

With our experience and knowledge, we will be able to help you manage your utility bills! Let us show you why we are the energy supplies company your business needs.


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