Energy Market Report – Gas

  • Market Comments January

    Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have decreased following the Christmas break. The main driver this morning has been weather changes, pushing prices down. The UK system is also very long this morning, adding weight to the curve across the board.

    Wednesday 4th January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have increased. The main drivers for this morning are, correction from yesterday’s losses following the Christmas break, and the fact that Rough storage was due to come back online today (been offline since 28Th Dec), however it is now set to undergo maintenance ending tomorrow. Also supporting prices today, are rising Oil prices following Saudi Arabia’s plan to start its cuts.

    Thursday 5th January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has increased. The main driver this morning, is that Rough is now scheduled to be out until the 13th December (originally outage only until midday yesterday). The front end of the curve has seen higher rises, as we have been experiencing cold weather for the last couple of days.

    Friday 6th January 2017 - UK Gas prices this morning have risen, as new forecasts have revealed that week 3 of January may now be below seasonal normal temperatures due to unsettled pressure ion the atmosphere, rather than the mild temperatures initially expected. This in turn is increasing heating demand and adding support to prices.

    Monday 9th January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has risen across the board. The main drivers for this morning are changing weather forecasts, as we are now seeing much colder weather for the next 2 weeks and weakening Sterling (lowest levels against the dollar seen for 2 months) following Theresa Mays interview which has caused fear for a harder Brexit.

    Tuesday 10th January 2017 - UK Gas this morning has risen across the board, as weather and currency pressures combine. Weather runs are colder again this morning as we can see around 2 weeks below seasonal normal, and very strong cold signals on the continent. This is pushing demand up and in turn increasing prices. The Pound is also weakening against the Euro, as this happens it encourages more people to buy on the NBP market as it is cheaper and in turn pushes prices up. These 2 things together are causing the rising volatility on today’s market.

    Wednesday 11th January 2017 - This morning, the UK curve has again risen. Milder weather is showing for next week, however the cold spell is now set to last into week 4 of January; increasing demand forecasts. Other factors supporting todays curve are continually rising Coal prices and the Euros sustained strength against the Pound causing lots of NBP buying interest and pushing prices upwards.

    Thursday 12th January 2017 - NBP prices have risen again this morning, as cold temperature outlooks continue to lift the front end of the curve. Also providing support were rising Oil prices due to a weaker dollar and news that Saudi Arabia had cut exports to Asia. The dollar began to depreciate following the US President Elect Donald Trump’s news conference yesterday.

    Friday 13th January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has taken a different turn, and is posting losses across the curve. More so on the front end, as we are seeing warmer weather in the forecasts for next week, which will soften demand. Possibly limiting losses is the fact that Rough storage was due to come back online today, but the outage has now been extended to 1st February.

    Monday 16th January 2017 - This morning, UK prices have dropped. This is following milder weather revisions for the next 2 weeks, resulting in drops in demand forecasts. There have also been drops in Oil prices, which have caused some impact towards the back end of the curve.

    Tuesday 17th January 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen across the curve this morning. The main drivers for today are cooler weather forecasts for the coming week, and increased Oil prices. Oil is rising this morning following Saudi Arabia’s comment that their commitment to output remains unchanged. Chillier weather along with a short UK system, are increasing UK demand and pushing prices up.

    Wednesday 18th January 2017 - Yesterday, UK prices dropped following the impact Theresa May’s speech had on the pound (rising 2% against the Euro). This morning however, prices have risen again as there has been a colder revision on weather overnight. We are also seeing a really bullish trend for Coal.

    Thursday 19th January 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning. Colder weather is expected into next week, which is again increasing demand forecasts and adding support to prices. Strong demand is increasing withdrawals and creating bullish sentiment. Oil is also adding pressure today, as it rises with nerves around today’s release of inventory stock data.

    Friday 20th January 2017 - UK Gas has risen this morning as we continue to receive cold weather forecasts for the UK, now into the start of February. Also adding support to upwards movements are the 2 new outages which struck Rough storage facility yesterday, reducing withdrawals and impacting supply.

    Monday 23rd January 2017 - The NBP curve found strength on Friday especially at the prompt as weather forecasts were revised downwards, likely to increase Gas demand into this week. European temperatures are set to remain well below seasonal normal which reduces the supply available to the UK as these countries compete to meet their demand. There have been further weather revisions on Monday morning, leading to a strong opening to the week.

    Tuesday 24th January 2017 - Prices were bullish during Monday’s trading as Gas demand was significantly lifted on colder weather forecasts. After and brief downturn in prices first thing, prices steadily climbed throughout the day on the back of colder weather forecasts predicting a cold February, with front month climbing over 1p/therm. UK demand was around 20% above January’s average highlighting the need for Gas in the UK. Excessively cold temperatures in Europe and low wind levels in Germany combined with Coal prices climbing also helped to support prices as Gas in Europe was in hot demand. Warmer weather has moved into models this morning, pressuring the curve with a softer open but eyes will be on the Supreme Court ruling surrounding Brexit and Article 50.

    Wednesday 25th January 2017 - Weather revisions continue to remain one of, if not the biggest driver of UK gas prices at the moment. On Tuesday, warmer weather revisions provided the market with relief, with prices generally decreasing throughout the day. Demand for the rest of the week is likely to reduce helping to ease prompt and near curve prices. UK Gas prices were further pressured by a cheaper Coal price, which discourages the burning of Gas to generate electricity as it becomes less profitable. Weather again weighed in to the gas prices on Wednesday as further upward revisions in upcoming temperatures have been made.

    Thursday 26th January 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have dropped. This is following a long UK system and milder weather forecasts for February, both pulling prices downwards. Further out on the curve, pressure is caused by a rising Pound.

    Friday 27th January 2017 - Again this morning UK has opened up with lower prices following milder weather runs for February (dropped 1ppt this morning). Bearish sentiment is impacting the full curve, as the UK receives strong Norwegian imports and some send out from Dragon LNG terminal - which is relieving the systems reliance on the Interconnector.

    Monday 30th January 2017 - This morning, UK prices have risen across the curve. This is following colder weather forecasts for next week and supply disruption at Bacton Seal. Colder weather forecasts are set to increase heating demand, whilst Bacton Seal is limiting supply, in turn pushing UK prices up. Juxtaposing news, which could possibly limit rises, is that Oil is down over the weekend; following signs of growing output in the US that could partly offset output cuts by OPEC and other producers.

    Tuesday 31st January 2017 - Again this morning, UK Gas prices rose across the curve. The main driver for this is colder weather forecasts for the next week, pushing the front end of the curve upwards. Also supporting increasing prices is lower than expected renewable output and concerns over what storage will be available in the colder weeks ahead.

  • Market Comments February

    Wednesday 1st February 2017 - Prompt and near curve prices in the NBP market continued to climb on Tuesday as colder weather revisions and strengthening coal took effect. There were significant climbs on the Feb-17 contract before expiry with this period settling just over 56p/therm. Cold weather revisions pushing forecasts down for February and March strengthened the front curve. This was compounded by storage levels in Europe which are lower year on year prompting fresh concerns about supply over the coming months. In the UK the GBP weakened against the Euro which also helped to support back end of the curve. Prices have opened strongly again this morning as Russian Gas supply into Europe has dropped, as court challenges Poland’s decision to restrict capacity on the pipeline.

    Thursday 2nd February 2017 - Prices climbed on the NBP during Wednesday’s trading session with prices climbing most sharply at the front end of the curve. Front month and near curve contracts lifted as colder weather is likely for the back end of February and into March likely to lift Gas demand. News filtered through yesterday that Russian gas flows into Europe had dropped which lifted most of the continental European gas hubs with some gains passed through into the NBP gas prices, with UK being a net importer throughout January. Far curve contracts gained in the afternoon following a strengthening Oil price but gains were offset by a strengthening GBP.

    Friday 3rd February 2017 - Prices continued the upward trend during Thursday’s trading with the front of the curve driving UK gas prices upwards. Refreshed UK weather forecasts models continue to predict colder than seasonal average temperatures from the end of next week through until March. The gains on front months and near curve contracts have been strong this week with March-17 offered above 60p/therm this morning. Strength in Brent Crude Oil through the morning helped to support the back end of the curve, but afternoon losses didn’t filter through to UK gas as the Sterling had lost value against the Euro.

    Monday 6th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have decreased on the back of milder weather forecasts (still below seasonal normal, but slightly warmer than last week), this has reduced demand slightly and has pulled prices on the front end of the curve down. Breaking news today is that Rough storage will have less available for injection over the summer, in turn decreasing prices as we will experience increased supply in the system.

    Tuesday 7th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have reduced. This is following warmer weather runs overnight, which now see temperatures on or around seasonal normal for February. This in turn is reducing demand and pushing prompt prices down. We are also seeing a strengthening of the dollar, which is reducing Oil and Coal prices and impacting the rest of the curve.

    Wednesday 8th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have reduced again following another milder weather run. Temperatures are showing to stay above seasonal normal levels until mid-February. Warmer weather forecasts are drastically changing demand levels and in turn pushing prices down. Towards the back end of the curve, prices are falling in line with falling Oil prices, caused by an increase in US Fuel inventories and reduction in Chinese demand.

    Thursday 9th February 2017 - This morning UK Gas prices have risen across the board, this is following slightly colder weather runs this morning extending into next week and a short UK system. Weather is still remaining the dominant driver, but towards the back end of the curve, rising Oil prices are making an impact. Oil is rising on the back of dropping Gasoline stocks in the US.

    Friday 10th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has reduced in price, following temperatures increasing quicker than expected. Prices on the back end have been limited in their losses, as Oil rises again over uncertainty over supply following the OPEC production cuts; however increased Chinese imports could stabilise this. The UK system is long, which is also adding pressure to the already falling curve

    Monday 13th February 2017 - Over the weekend, NBP Gas price have risen following cold weather and rising Oil. This morning, Prices on the front end of the curve have corrected slightly as the weather runs post milder temperatures. The back end of the curve is showing minimal movements, as Oil rose over the weekend, when OPEC claimed 90% of cuts had already been made. This morning Oil is decreasing, as the market remains well supplied.

    Tuesday 14th February 2017 - This morning we have seen rises on the UK curve. This is following colder forecasts today for the back end of February, which is in turn increasing demand forecasts. Also yesterday, we saw Oil drop slightly, this morning it has become stronger again as OPEC continue their efforts to cut output (current compliance rate of around 90%).

    Wednesday 15th February 2017 - UK Gas prices have dropped this morning, as weak demand levels continue for this week following the mid weather. However, temperatures are set to cool next week going into March, which could increase prices. We are seeing a long system in the UK today, with increases in Norwegian flows into the St Fergus point (up by around 12mcm/day) which is pulling prices down.

    Thursday 16th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have increased across the curve. The main driver this morning is Centrica’s announcement that Rough storage will be unavailable for Gas injection until at least 01/07/17. This is making big impacts to winters. Temperatures are also still forecasting colder for next week onwards, impacting the front end of the curve.

    Friday 17th February 2017 - UK Gas has experienced some downward correction this morning, following yesterday’s increase on the back of the Rough news. This along with slightly milder weather revisions and a largely long UK system has added some pressure to the UK curve and pushed prices downwards across the curve.

    Monday 20th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have increased slightly. Although milder temperatures are expected for the next 12-14 days, temperatures are expected to drop closer to seasonal normal for the start of March, impacting the front of the curve. Elsewhere, we see prices rise on the back of rising Oil prices – still reacting to OPEC cuts.

    Tuesday 21st February 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen at opening this morning, following rises in both the Oil and Coal markets. Oil is rising as data is released which shows hedge funds betting big across the Oil markets, following OPEC cuts. Temperatures are also set to decrease, as colder changes are expected next week.

    Wednesday 22nd February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have opened lower, with stronger losses on the front of the curve. This is following again milder weather revisions and strong wind and solar levels. Oil and Coal prices have also declined today, which is adding pressure to the curve. The pound is strong today and paired with inflation expectations is creating a weak Euro.

    Thursday 23rd February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has increased across the board. Towards the front of the curve, prices have increased more on the back of rising demand and news of the Nigerian LNG pipeline explosion in Rivers State. Milder temperatures are not affecting the curve today, as drivers are bullish. The rest of the curve decreases on the back of rising Oil, as reports show drops in US stockpiles.

    Friday 24th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have decreased, however this is not expected to last all day. The UK has a short system this morning, and demand is higher than average. Temperatures are colder today, next week temps are expected to go back above seasonal normal. Causing the drops this morning are falling Oil prices - following a rise in US stockpiles which is counteracting cuts made by OPEC.

    Monday 27th February 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has decreased marginally. This is following increased LNG expectations for the UK and a warm weekend teamed with falling demand. Oil prices also rose this morning, on the OPEC led cuts, however gains were limited by rising US output. Temperatures coming up to this weekend and entering next week are expected to become colder, one to watch.

    Tuesday 28th February 2017 - Yesterday, NBP prices dropped off more than initially expected, this morning we have seen upward correction. The main driver for today’s price rise is colder weather runs this morning, increasing cold risks for March. Oil has continued to trade sideways today, having no impact on the curve this morning. The UK system is balanced today, shorter than we saw yesterday.

  • Market Comments March

    Wednesday 1st March 2017 - UK Gas has continued its downward trend from yesterday afternoon, this was following Centrica’s announcement that no capacity would be offered at the Rough Storage facility for 12 months from April 2017. This will create a surplus in the UK system, which is what has pushed prices down so dramatically. Weather is expected to be cold next week, after that is expected to return to the mild weather we have been seeing.

    Thursday 2nd March 2017 - This morning we can see rises on the NBP curve. Low wind generation and stronger demand from CCGT’s has increased prompt contracts. Yesterday afternoon, Oil increased slightly, this morning we have seen it fall slightly as US inventories hit a record high with producers boosting Shale Oil production.

    Friday 3rd March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have dropped. We have a really long UK system today, as we expect 3 LNG arrivals to the UK in the next 4 days. Temperatures are also expected to become milder from Tuesday next week, and rise as much as 4°C above seasonal normal from Thursday. Oil prices have risen slightly this morning following a weaker dollar, however not near the levels we have seen at the start of this week.

    Monday 6th March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have declined. This is following milder weather expectations for this week and going forwards. The UK has a balanced system this morning, which is causing no impact to prices. Oil prices have fallen slightly this morning, as lower Chinese growth targets are announced and Russian output continues to cast doubt on cuts.

    Tuesday 7th March 2017 - The NBP market opened lower on Monday fuelled by milder weather forecasts and a drop in demand to start the week even as industry started back up following the weekend. Forecasts across the UK are expected to sit up to 4°C above seasonal norms for the next 2 weeks. The UK supply outlook was boosted as South Hook flowed on average 23mcm on Monday following an LNG arrival on 3rd March, with two more expected by the 18th. The afternoon turned bullish as the far curve was supported by a weaker GBP against Euro and strengthening Oil. The UK has seen a mixed open with prompt easing off today but further dated remain stronger as GBP again opens weaker.

    Wednesday 8th March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have fallen across the curve. Drivers for this are, milder weather predictions – with the next week or so showing as above seasonal normal and Oil price decline, as American stocks grow, they are overpowering the OPEC cuts and in turn pulling prices down.

    Thursday 9th March 2017 - This morning UK Gas prices have continued to fall. Main driver this morning is milder weather runs released this morning and a strong dip in Oil yesterday (-5%) following increased US inventories. We have a balanced system today, lower demand and high LNG send out, which are also impacting the curve this morning.

    Friday 10th March 2017 - Fairly static prices for the UK Gas market today, following the bearish momentum gained in previous days. Losses are supported by an LNG arrival at South Hook (4 cargoes scheduled before the end of March), lower demand caused by higher temperatures and Oil prices falling. Losses are limited at the minute by weakness in the Pound as the Euro strengthens.

    Monday 13th March 2017 - A long system in the UK this morning is the main driver, 37.7 to be exact. This oversupply, combined with lower demand following the warmer weather forecasts has sent prices plummeting across the curve. We are seeing more substantial losses at the front end, but losses are out to the back end caused by reducing Oil pricing – following increases in US inventories.

    Tuesday 14th March 2017 - UK Gas prices this morning have increased. There is still a healthy system length in the UK, considering there are reduced flows from Langaled and South Hook is offline until 10am. Main driver for today, is the Pound collapsing as Theresa May is given the go ahead to trigger Brexit and Nicola Sturgeon starts legal proceedings for a Scottish Independence referendum.

    Wednesday 15th March 2017 - UK Gas has made some marginal rises this morning, slightly stronger at the front of the curve. This is following rises in Oil prices as industry data yesterday showed that US Crude stockpiles were showing a drawdown. Losses are limited as temperatures stay warm and the UK system is still long – although we are seeing drops for Norwegian imports.

    Thursday 16th March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have risen. Cooler temperatures are increasing demand (set to jump a possible 5% today) and pushing prices up along with Oil increases after official government data shows that US stockpiles have reduced from their record highs. The system still remains long – at 30 mcm today, showing oversupply in the UK, which could be limiting rises.

    Friday 17th March 2017 - This morning, UK prices have decreased slightly, however remaining relatively static. The UK system is still long (12mcm), however we have seen a slight drop off in Norwegian imports. LNG supplies are still remaining healthy and Oil prices have fallen as doubts surrounding the OPEC cuts continue to circle.

    Monday 20th March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have weakened. This is following consistently long UK system data – we have higher Russian flows and lower demand levels, there is also a stable Oil market causing minimal impact. This week in the UK, we are forecast slightly colder weather, however in mainland Europe temperatures continue to reside above average, which lessen the need for Gas to be sent through the Interconnector.

    Tuesday 21st March 2017 - This morning UK Gas prices have opened with increases. Main driver for this is a short UK system, caused by an unplanned outage at Kollsnes facility. This teamed with increased demand caused by colder temperatures over the next couple of days is causing prices to rise. Oil also rises this morning, as OPEC reveal plans to extend cuts further.

    Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - UK Gas has dropped across the curve this morning. Main driver for this is Oil prices falling – it has fallen to its lowest level since November 2016 as rising US Crude stocks continue to increase the global oversupply despite any OPEC led cuts. The outage at Kollsnes was restored today, which has taken the UK system back to long, which is also providing weight to the curve.

    Thursday 23rd March 2017 - UK Prices have remained very static this morning, as Oil remains around the 50 region bouncing slightly higher than yesterday’s levels. Temperatures are set to soar around the end of March (potentially up to 7°C above seasonal normal), adding bearish sentiment to the front end of the curve. The UK system is balanced today, causing no real impact.

    Friday 24th March 2017 - UK Gas Prices have fallen this morning, with more considerable falls on the front end of the curve. On the prompt, main driver this morning has been warm weather expectations for next week (potential for 20°C temperatures in London). Towards the back end, prices have fallen less as Oil remains at a stable level as Saudi Arabia suggests it may reduce Oil exports to the US.

    Monday 27th March 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has fallen. This is following warm weather forecasts for this week continuing into next week. We have a balanced UK system, with good LNG levels and Norwegian flows to the UK. Oil prices are also down, adding pressure to the curve, as we see rises in US drilling activity.

    Tuesday 28th March 2017 - Prices have risen this morning. We have a short UK system (-35mcm), as we see reduced Norwegian flows from Langaled. Oil prices have also risen this morning, on the back of a weaker dollar. Rises are not particularly drastic, as warm weather is continuing to reduce demand.

    Wednesday 29th March 2017 - Bullish trend to the UK Market this morning. Main driver is rising Oil – this is following supply disruptions in Libya and increasing likeliness of OPEC extending supply cuts. Pound also dropped against the Euro this morning, as Theresa May signs Article 50. The UK system is back to being balanced today, and weather remains unchanged from the mildness for the next 2 weeks.

    Thursday 30th March 2017 - UK Gas has risen considerably this morning due to a number of factors. As buyers close positions for the expiry of front month and summer this increased liquidity in the market and pushed prices up. This morning we have also seen rising Oil prices, as Russia plan to fulfil obligations for production cuts by the end of April. Imports have also dropped from the Netherlands and Norway.

    Friday 31st March 2017 - UK prices seem to have increased from yesterday morning; however they have dropped from yesterday evening. This is following a well-supplied UK system (29mcm long) teamed with the warmer weather forecasts. Oil prices have risen again this morning, as there becomes growing confidence in OPEC and Russia agreeing to extend production cuts.

  • Market Comments April

    Monday 3rd April 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning, as Oil prices rose over the weekend as an effort is still being made to try and rebalance the market. However US rig counts have increases, so Oil is expected to stabilise this morning. Langaled flows and Russian flows have reduced this morning, however the UK system is balanced and causing no real concern. Temperatures are mild for the week, in turn reducing demand to below seasonal normal levels.

    Tuesday 4th April 2017 - Main driver for UK Gas’ rises across the curve this morning, are rising Coal prices. Coal prices are rising as Cyclone Debbie causes supply disruption, in turn pushing Gas prices upwards. The UK system is also short this morning, as Langaled continues to decrease its flows and there is an unplanned outage at Kvitebjorn expected for 4-6 days to complete corrective maintenance.

    Wednesday 5th April 2017 - UK Gas is lacking direction this morning, as it places juxtaposing fundamentals. As Langaled flows stay at around 45, Russian flows and LNG levels are increasing, creating a long system for the UK. Temperatures are mild for the coming week, they dip next week but are expected to increase again for Easter weekend creating a positive outlook. However, Oil prices are rising sharply this morning, following an unplanned production outage in the North Sea and expectation of drawdown in the US Crude inventories.

    Thursday 6th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have remained around the same sort of levels this morning. There has been no real change to weather forecasts, and the UK system is long – despite Langaled still working at lower than usual. Oil prices have also weakened this morning, as yesterday reports were submitted of increased US inventories pushed prices down.

    Friday 7th April 2017 - The bulls have returned to the NBP this morning correcting yesterday’s afternoon losses, with the primary driver being gains in the Oil market. Oil’s upwards movement has been triggered by the US conducting airstrikes in Syria overnight. This triggered the gains firstly beginning in the Asian markets and continuing into this morning. The system opened 3mcm long and LDZ demand is forecasted to fall into the weekend with the expectations of warmer weather. Langeled flow are still nominated at 45mcm due to the outage at Kvitebjørn removing 10mcm of supply, this is expected to be corrected by next week which would see Langeled nomination to return to the 55mcm level. Day-Ahead gas is currently trading above the W/E and Front-Month contracts thus incentivising MRS withdrawals. The GBP has dropped from weak Manufacturing figures at 9:30 showing that Industrial sector has shrunk versus forecasts of growth. In the USA they have a big afternoon with Non-Farm Payrolls and Employment data released at 13:30, and all eyes will be watching the US Dollar Index and Oil afterwards.

    Monday 10th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have fallen this morning. The UK system is long, and is well supplied as demand drops slightly. Three LNG tankers are expected to arrive to South Hook by April 14th, easing any supply concerns as demand may increase as temperatures step closer to seasonal normal.

    Tuesday 11th April 2017 - Gas prices this morning have reduced. The UK has a long system, Langeled is beginning to return to normal levels and LNG levels are increasing for April, creating healthy supply for the UK and weighing on prices. Temperatures are remaining on or around seasonal norm for the coming week, however wind generation levels are set to increase and push prices down, following breezy forecasts.

    Wednesday 12th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased this morning; this is on the back of continuation of the rising Oil prices – as Geopolitical tension seems to remain a bullish driver for Oil, and an official announcement that Rough will not restart injection operations for 2017/18. Both these factors are discrediting healthy UK system news and pushing prices upwards.

    Thursday 13th April 2017 - The UK Gas prices have risen this morning, still shaken from the news that Britain’s largest storage site – Rough will be unable to inject for the next 12 months and teamed with rising demand levels, this is pushing UK Gas prices up. UK temperatures have remained unchanged from yesterday, with expectation that between 18th and 21st of April will be the coldest period.

    Tuesday 18th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning, on the back of increasing demand. Demand is rising following weather forecasts for upcoming colder temperatures (2-4°C below seasonal normal levels). The UK system is also slightly short today, as St Fergus levels drop following an outage, adding more stress to the increased demand levels.

    Wednesday 19th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning as cooler temperatures continue to add strength to prices, along with an expected drop in LNG deliveries to the UK. Yesterday, Theresa May’s announcement strengthened the Pound, however with the decision being made today whether to host a snap election, there are volatile expectations for currency.

    Thursday 20th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have fallen across the curve this morning. Forecasts suggest that demand is set to fall over the coming days, and along with yesterday’s strengthening of the Pound this has created a bearish atmosphere for the curve. The Pound has continued its gains against the Euro, following Theresa May’s news of a general election on 8th June. LNG Data has also improved, with expectations that 3 vessels will arrive at South Hook before 10th May.

    Friday 21st April 2017 - Yesterday, Gas prices dropped towards the afternoon, as Oil prices fell and the Pound continued its rally against the Euro. This morning, prices seem to be lacking direction with minimal movement. Temperatures are cold for this week, however forecasts have shifted and now point to warmer weather towards the end of April, and demand is still above seasonal normal however it is lower than previous days, showing a steady decline.

    Monday 24th April 2017 - UK Gas this morning has increased on the front end. Main driver for this this morning, is weakening of the Pound against the Euro coming up to the French election. As Macron currently leads the election race, the Euro has strengthened towards his pro-EU and Economic Reformist policies. Towards the back of the curve we see losses, as Oil prices fall on the back of doubts around OPEC output cuts.

    Tuesday 25th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have declined this morning. Oil prices have fallen again, as people doubt whether the OPEC cut extension will affect the already oversupply of the market. Also as temperatures are set to increase for the start of May – in turn reducing demand, the current cold spell is ignored within prices and declines are seen.

    Wednesday 26th April 2017 - The UK Gas curve has fallen this morning. Pressured by a falling Oil market, as US Crude Inventories continue to rise and global supply seems to increase, doubts continue to be cast over whether OPEC’s extended cut will happen or even make a difference. The cold spell has officially hit the UK this morning, so as demand increases, this will limit any further decreases on the front end of the curve.

    Thursday 27th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have strengthened this morning, on the back of a short UK system, outages in Norway and strong weather driven demand. The Norwegian Kårstø plant is out this morning; however it is expected to be back online late this afternoon. There are no major changes to the UK temperatures for this week this morning; however uncertainty is still remaining around next week’s forecasts.

    Friday 28th April 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning, on the back of a short UK system, colder weather forecasts and higher Oil prices. Colder temperatures announced overnight for the UK, however there is still uncertainty around next week’s forecasts and how they will turn out. Generally though, heating demand forecasts are increasing. The following week, we are still expecting a period of above seasonal normal temperatures. Rough has announced it will not be withdrawing between 11th May and 30th September, adding supply concerns. Oil prices have increased this morning, as OPEC reinforces its idea of an extended production cut to drawdown excess fuel supplies. However, with a continuing oversupply in the market, this may potentially not last.

  • Market Comments May

    Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - This morning, UK Gas has opened higher. Main drivers are a short UK system, strong demand levels and Norwegian outages. However Oil prices are dropping which is capping any further increases. Temperatures remain around seasonal normal for the next 2 weeks, LDZ consumption is expected to remain above seasonal normal for those 2 weeks. Outages at Norwegian plants Gullfaks and Kollsnes, affecting supply levels, creating a short UK system as demand rises. Oil prices have fallen this morning, as OPEC cuts fail to impact the oversupply.

    Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - UK Gas prices have remained relatively stable this morning, as juxtaposing news forces a lack of direction. Temperatures are set to go slightly milder over the weekend, but could potentially fall over the next 2 weeks. The UK system is long today – along with above seasonal normal demand. LNG levels remain the same and Langeled flows increase to try and bridge the gap. Oil prices have risen slightly this morning, following declining US inventory levels. Capping any gains was a slope in compliance with OPEC’s production cut efforts.

    Thursday 4th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have fallen across the curve today, however liquidity on the market is low. We have a long UK system this morning, as Kollsnes comes back online and we see stronger Langeled flows. Demand seems to have softened, as temperatures remain unchanged, predicted to hover at around seasonal normal for the next 2 weeks. Oil prices have seen a decline - adding weight to the curve, following a lower than expected drop in US inventories. Prices have traded at their lowest prices since late March.

    Friday 5th May 2017 - This morning we have seen sharp declines throughout the UK curve prices. Oil prices have fallen significantly overnight, and along with easing demand and a comfortable system this is weighing on prices. UK temperatures are slightly colder next week; however there have been warmer temperature revisions to next weekend. French LNG send outs have increased, Langeled flows have reduced this morning, despite the return of the Kollsnes facility following an outage. Oil prices have reached a near 5 month low overnight, as concerns emerge over rising US supply.

    Monday 8th May 2017 - UK Gas prices look as though they have dropped off this morning, as they correct from Friday afternoon’s rally. Temperatures are expected to remain cold in the UK this week; however from the weekend and next week we are expecting warmer temperatures, which in turn are pushing LDZ consumption closer to seasonal normal. We have a short UK system this morning, as Langeled flows reduce, the Troll outage begins and the Gullfaks outage continues. Oil prices weakened at the end of last week, as US inventories rose. This morning Oil has risen again as Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister has said that an OPEC-led production cut which is due to end in June, will likely be extended to cover all of 2017. Gains however are limited as inventories continue to rise.

    Tuesday 9th May 2017 - UK prices have remained at the same sort of levels this morning, as fundamentals continue to cancel each other out and limit movements. As temperatures are set to heat up this weekend and next week, LDZ consumption is also set to drop below seasonal normal. UK system is fairly balanced this morning; however Langeled flows have reduced again by around 3mcm. Oil prices have remained relatively static this morning, as the fight between increasing US inventories and OPEC’s extension of the production cut rages on and caps movements either way.

    Wednesday 10th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen this morning, on the back of reduced flows and falling Oil prices. The UK system has opened short this morning. Langeled flows have reduced to 21mcm, due to ramp down of Orman Lange ahead of the it’s full production cut tomorrow. Resulting in drops in Norwegian flows to the UK.

    Thursday 11th May 2017 - UK Gas prices this morning have remained at similar levels to yesterdays close. The market opened higher, and has since softened. Easing demand being the main driver. The remainder of this week is mild, and next week is expected to be especially warm. This in turn in reducing demand and pulling prices down. UK system has opened short, with demand estimated at 24mcm below seasonal normal. Langeled flows have reduced again, due to the Orman Lange shut down, and the Bacton disruptions continue. Oil prices have also risen this morning, as we have seen a drawdown in US inventories.

    Friday 12th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have reduced this morning – expectations of higher Norwegian imports and easing demand next week have weighed on the curve. Mild weather over the weekend and next week, reducing demand. Cooler temperatures are then set towards the end of next week, however should return milder following. We have a short UK system, Langeled flows are still reduced due to the Orman Lange shut down, this is expected to return Monday, and so Norwegian flows will start to increase. Oil prices have stabilised this morning, as its expected OPEC led production cuts are expected to last beyond the middle of this year. Crude inventory levels are also at their lowest since February.

    Monday 15th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased this morning. Contracts have opened higher across the curve on the back of a short UK system and rising Oil prices. Oil prices have risen sharply this morning, as Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed a 9 month extension to the output cuts. We have a short UK system this morning, as the Orman Lange shutdown has been extended for a further 2 days. However, demand is showing as 32mcm below seasonal normal.

    Tuesday 16th May 2017 - UK Gas has moved marginally this morning from yesterday afternoons prices, but has posted gains across the board from yesterday morning’s prices. NBP is short this morning, as we see weak flows from Bacton SEAL and Langeled flows continue to reduce day on day – however this is expected to ease tomorrow as Orman Lange returns, and Troll returns Friday. Oil prices have increased again today, as the market continues to digest Saudi Arabia and Russia’s announcement yesterday.

    Wednesday 17th May 2017 - NBP prices opened lower this morning, but have since posted some increases. A short UK system, higher Oil and technical trading seem to be the support. From tomorrow onwards the UK is expected to see cooler temperatures, next week is expected to return towards seasonal normal levels. UK system is slightly short today (-2mcm), and demand is below seasonal normal. Bacton flows have increased, and Langeled flows have returned to levels around 20mcm as the Orman Lange outage nears its end. Oil prices have risen slightly this morning, as the market continues to react to cut announcements. However rises are limited as US Crude Inventories report rises.

    Thursday 18th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased this morning, due to tight system dynamics. Cooler temperatures are expected over the weekend, with LDZ consumption expected to reach above seasonal normal levels up until Monday. Norwegian flows have not increased as much as originally thought following the return of Orman Lange, keeping the NBP in a short system position. Oil prices have ticked up again today, as the fight between production cuts and ample supply rages on.

    Friday 19th May 2017 - It was a volatile day on the market yesterday with Oil the key driver especially with a late rally in the afternoon session. Confidence is increasing in an extension to OPEC cuts at the meeting on 25th May helping to boost prices. NBP Gas prices have opened marginally lower on Friday as upcoming temperatures have been revised upwards overnight expecting an above seasonal normal period of weather in the UK. The system has opened slightly short however expectation of increased Norwegian flows next week and warmer weather have ensured a soft open. An announcement from the Dutch government is also expected to be released at 11:00CET this morning. Any key events will be published in our newsflash report.

    Monday 22nd May 2017 - The NBP market has opened significantly lower on Monday morning as a number of bearish fundamentals pressured the front of the curve. Over the weekend, weather forecasts have ticked upwards with the first 30°C day expected in London at the weekend. On the back of this the expected demand has dropped to 30mcm below seasonal normal pressuring the prompt. Troll field maintenance in Norway has ended and flows have ramped up to 38mcm (nominated at 45mcm) from Norway and LNG imports received a boost with the potential of 3 vessels to reach the UK shore by the end of May. The far curve was supported as Oil continues to strengthen and climbed above $54bbl as the expectation of a further OPEC cut increases ahead of the OPEC meeting on 25th May.

    Tuesday 23rd May 2017 - Prices have opened up lower than on Monday’s close with prices falling across the curve. The UK system opened 15mcm long with demand pegged at 192 which is 18mcm below seasonal average. Strength in Oil, Coal and an unexpected outage supported the curve on Monday with prices generally traded upwards. Prices have opened lower this morning with temperature forecasts remain above seasonal norm for the rest of May which is pressuring the front of the gas curve as demand is expected to remain below seasonal averages. One of the most recent bullish factors threatening gains on the back end of the curve has been Oil, however prices have weakened this morning as news emerged that Trump plans to sell off half of the country’s Oil stockpile.

    Wednesday 24th May 2017 - The UK gas market has seen gains this morning as the market opened with a short system and strength in Oil overnight. The UK system opened 11mcm short as flows from Langeled dropped to 18mcm from around 40mcm yesterday. Oil continued to climb, sitting at $54.48 currently as OPEC production cuts look set to extend in the meeting on Thursday. Warmer weather continues to dominate the forecasts with gas demand expected to fall over the coming fortnight with the UK and parts of Europe expected to sit up to 11°C above seasonal averages.

    Thursday 25th May 2017 - The NBP gas price has remained relatively unchanged across the curve on Thursday as a number of factors weigh in across all contracts. The prompt and front of the curve remains balanced despite a short system, as warmer weather continues to reduce gas demand in the region. LNG cargoes expected to arrive into the UK are also easing supply fears. Further out, the strength in Oil has done little to the back end of the curve at present; however volatility could be seen throughout today as OPEC meet in Vienna with extension to cuts widely accepted. Yesterday, it was formally announced that Groningen production would be cut a further 10% from 24bcm to 21.6bcm with a further cap placed on production during colder years.

    Friday 26th May 2017 - Warm weather continues to reduce demand at in the UK pushing prompt prices downwards. Today demand is up to 40mcm below seasonal average as temperatures climb close to 30°C. The price of Crude Oil weakened significantly on Thursday as OPEC’s planned production cut extension did little to boost the market as deeper cuts were expected rather than just a 9 month extension. The price of a barrel fell by over $2. Further losses on the far curve were offset by a weaker sterling against the Euro as uncertainty over the UK General Election moved in as the Conservative lead fell.

    Tuesday 30th May 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased slightly this morning, with stronger gains towards the back of the curve. Slightly warmer weather outlook, towards the end of this week a 1⁰C increases against seasonal normal levels should be seen. The UK system is 17mcm long this morning, with demand also pegged below seasonal normal. Norwegian imports to the UK have increased.

    Wednesday 31st May 2017 - UK Prices have dropped off this morning, on the back of a healthy system, stronger Norwegian flows and falling Oil prices. Warm outlook for the UK, with temperatures expected to increase over the next few days. The UK system is 16mcm long today, and demand is pegged at below seasonal normal, adding weight to prices. Possibly limiting losses, is the extension to the Nyhamna outage. Coal prices offered support yesterday, but as they flatten and Oil prices decrease it pushes prices down. Oil prices are falling on the back of increasing output from Libya and increasing US production undermining OPEC rumours.

  • Market Comments June

    Thursday 1st June 2017 - UK Gas prices have risen marginally this morning, on the back of lower LNG send outs. The UK is still warm this week, however temperatures for next weekend and inwards have been revised cooler. This morning the UK system is short, with weaker Norwegian exports (Langeled is down to 24mcm) and falls in LNG send out levels – send outs from South hook have fallen to just 5mcm from 18mcm yesterday. Oil prices have risen this morning, adding support to the curve. This is caused by expectations that the US could potentially pull out of a global climate accord.

    Friday 2nd June 2017 - UK Gas prices have reduced across the curve this morning, as the UK system heads back into a healthy balance. The UK is expected to see warm weather over the next fortnight, with temperatures staying on or above seasonal normal. This is allowing demand to drop below typical levels (9mcm below seasonal normal total demand). Norwegian imports to the UK have reached back to a good level this morning, as Langeled returns to 38mcm. LNG levels are falling however, potentially limiting losses. Oil prices have dropped again this morning, amid global supply glut concerns following President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the global climate change pact

    Monday 5th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have sharply increased this morning, on the back of bullish news adding support to the curve. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have cut ties with Qatar, following claims the country supports terrorism. This morning, this news created a sharp jump for UK Gas. No big changes to temperatures this morning, cooler conditions expected for this week, but the weekend is set to warm up again. Oil prices have started to move down this morning on the back of the US leaving the Climate Change agreement, however this is still a volatile subject and could provoke more change.

    Tuesday 6th June 2017 - This morning, UK Gas prices have increased minimally staying at similar levels they closed at last night. We have seen upward revisions to LDZ consumption for the next 10 days, stopping any potential losses following a long UK system. Weak LNG send outs remain in the UK. Warmer weather is expected for this weekend, however temperatures are set to get cooler next week, adding support to the curve. Oil prices are down this morning, as expectations are that the political rift in the Middle East could reverse OPEC’s attempts to stabilise the market. This and LNG are increasing volatility on the UK market, affecting the curve. The pound has begun to recover from its losses, as election polls start to favour a Conservative win.

    Wednesday 7th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have remained fairly static compared to yesterday’s levels this morning. Opening slightly lower and since increasing. Warmer weather is expected for the next few days in the UK, temperatures are expected to be 2⁰C above seasonal normal by Sunday. Although warm it is set to remain unsettled and breezy. The UK system is balanced this morning, however Norwegian flows are lower as Langeled continues to fall, today nominated at 18mcm. LNG send outs also remain weak. Oil prices have increased this morning, on the back of the ongoing tension in the Middle East and falling US stock levels.

    Thursday 8th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have opened higher this morning, as the UK system opens short and demand increases. Temperatures are turning warmer in the UK – set to be well above seasonal normal, especially towards the weekend, with Sunday being the warmest day. The UK system is short this morning (-15mcm), and demand is showing an increase. Adding support to prices. Oil prices have fallen this morning, following losses yesterday after data showed that US inventories rose, this has re-established concerns over a global supply glut.

    Friday 9th June 2017 - UK Gas has risen this morning, as a weakening pound and LNG news become the main drivers. Following the UK General Election, the pound has been losing value against the Euro, supporting the curve and pushing prices upwards. Yesterday, 2 LNG cargoes which were expected at South Hook were diverted, adding pressure to UK supply. Oil prices have resumed their downtrend at this morning’s open, evidence of the continuing global fuel glut is adding pressure to Oil prices weighing them down. This fall in Oil, could potentially limit rises from other drivers.

    Monday 12th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have fallen this morning, on the back of reducing risk following Thursdays LNG panic and easing demand. UK temperatures are cool today, but are set to increase above seasonal normal levels (between 1-3⁰C above) for the rest of the week. The NBP system is long this morning, and demand is below seasonal normal – adding weight across the curve and pulling prices down. On Thursday, when we saw 2 LNG cargoes due to come into South Hook change direction, this pushed prices up. This morning, the risk for this has been eradicated, as it is expected the cargoes will still arrive in the UK in 10 days.

    Tuesday 13th June 2017- UK Gas prices have fallen this morning, on the back of warm weather and interconnector maintenance. Oil prices are up this morning, as statements that OPEC-leader Saudi Arabia will make significant supply cuts to Asia are released. As we still see good supply levels from the US, this limits any rises. Maintenance beginning on the Interconnector has increased available supply in the UK. Injections are being made in the UK.

    Wednesday 14th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have fallen this morning. Temperatures are warmer today in the UK, demand is 14mcm lower than seasonal normal and LDZ consumption is set to fall towards the end of this week.

    Thursday 15th June 2017 - UK prices have fallen this morning, as easing demand continues to weigh on prices. Weather forecasts for the UK are increasingly warm, in turn reducing demand levels and pushing prices down. Oil prices have continued yesterday’s sharp falls this morning, opening at a loss. This is following increases in global inventories and doubts over whether OPEC will have the ability to implement their supposed cuts. Possibly limiting losses is a balanced UK system (falls in Norwegian flows due to outages), and a depreciating Pound against the Euro, as the General Election backlash continues.

    Friday 16th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have pushed up slightly this morning, on the back of rising Oil prices and a short UK system. Temperatures still remain very warm in the UK however, limiting rises. Today the UK system has opened short – supported by unplanned outages at Kvitebjǿrn and Kristin plants, and reduced Langeled flows, despite maintenance ending yesterday. Yesterday the Pound appreciated against the Euro, and is still at good levels this morning. Positive effects were created by the Bank of England’s decision not to increase interest rates. Oil prices have increased this morning, on the back of a partial export halt taking place in Libya.

    Monday 19th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased this morning on the back of a short UK system. UK weather is expected to remain hot over the next couple of days before turning cooler for a short interval. The UK system has opened short this morning, as LNG send out levels remain weak. South Hook remains at 5mcm, and Dragon at 8mcm. Norwegian exports to the UK becoming stronger with Langeled nominated at around 18mcm, as Norwegian Gas is rerouted from the continent.

    Tuesday 20th June 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased this morning, following big news surrounding the UK’s Rough storage. UK temperatures are set to remain hot today and tomorrow, turning cooler towards the end of the week. This cool will only be for a small period, before warm weather returns for July.
    The UK system is around 18mcm short this morning, highlighting increasing demand. Visund plant is experiencing an unplanned outage. Langeled is having to ramp up today, as the Dornum and Emden outage power on. This morning, Centrica has announced that the UK’s largest storage facility Rough will be permanently closed. Cushion Gas is expected to take around 3 winters to empty out of Rough, offering support to the curve this morning.

    Wednesday 21st June 2017 - UK Gas prices have increased across the curve this morning, on the back of a short UK system. Temperatures in the UK are expected to be very hot, but from tomorrow and into next week, weather is expected to become fresher and breezier. The NBP system is short this morning. Norwegian flows to the UK have dropped, as Gas is rerouted to the continent following the end of the Emden maintenance. Oil prices are still weak this morning, as supply glut fears continue to weigh heavily on Oil prices.

    Thursday 22nd June 2017 - The UK opened with a short system on Thursday morning, sitting 33mcm short, with prompt prices climbing and the curve contracts easing falling. The warm weather witnessed in the region has eased off and the gas demand for power generation should begin to reduce. Oil continued to weaken on Thursday despite a draw in US stock levels. Officially in a bearish market as Oil holds prices at 10 month lows. Libya and Nigeria have increased production and global supply remains strong. Conflicting views on raising UK interest rates in the Bank of England helped contribute to a weakening GPB to Euro on Wednesday. Carney against the decision due to Brexit fears but the chief economist expressed the need to increase rates.

    Friday 23rd June 2017 - UK Gas prices have marginally increased this morning, on the back of cooler weather and a short UK system. Latest weather runs for next week have come back cooler, with the 45 day forecast cooler also – however still above seasonal normal expectations. The UK system is short this morning, as unplanned outages are taking place for Kollsnes and SEGAL. The outages are expected to last 5-6 days. Oil prices have edged up this morning, recovering from some of the sharp falls we have experienced this week.

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