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If your company is in need of an energy management agency, Energycentric are the ones to contact.


We are a utility consultancy based in London, Wokingham, Bournemouth, Exeter and Manchester.


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Our Services

As an energy management agency, we are able to provide all our clients with ways to save on their utility costs.


We understand that running a business can be extremely stressful. Therefore, there is often little time left to ensuring that you are on the best rates for your utility bills. Therefore, when you contact Energycentric, we can become your energy department. This means that we will manage all your utility bills, and ensure that you are on the best rates for your requirements.


We are able to achieve such great prices for our clients because of the excellent relationships we build up with energy suppliers. Our team is made up of advisers, industry specialists and in-house analysts. Therefore, this team of ours is constantly monitoring market trends to ensure that you always buy resources during the most cost-effective periods.


The utilities we can help you with include:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity


We are also happy to guide your company into sustainability. As an energy management agency, we are the experts.


Enquire today: 01708 765 555


Our Promise

As an energy management agency, we are able to manage your utility bills for you. Therefore, in a time when energy markets and costs are extremely volatile, we will be able to manage your usage and bills for you.


As an experienced and high qualified company, our support does not stop as soon as we switch to a lower cost supplier on your behalf. We will also manage the contract for you.


Our services include;

  • Supplier management and communications

As soon as you become a client of Energycentric, you will be given a dedicated account manager. This manager will manage all utility contracts on your behalf and support you if you have any queries or issues.

  • Regular reporting on energy consumption

We understand that energy markets and costs are extremely volatile, and therefore, it is important that businesses manage their usage as efficiently as possible. Therefore, this will keep your running costs down!

  • Access to our client services portal

As an experienced bill management agency, we give all our clients access to a bespoke client portal. This will allow you to see all your account information, whenever you need to.

  • Bill validation

This service allows us to highlight any billing errors. It also prevents overpayment and ensures that only your verified bills are paid. Our team will check each client’s billing going back several years. This can often result in significant credits and rebates.


With Energycentric as your energy management agency, you will make significant savings on your business energy costs. Furthermore, we will save you time as we have the transfer and ongoing bill validation managed for you. Get accurate, impartial and experienced advice from our highly educated team!


Enquire today: 01708 765 555


Our Details

To find out more about the Energycentric team and how we can help you, feel free to give us a call! You can reach us on 01708 765 555 or Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Choose Energycentric as your energy management agency and save on your utility bills today!


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