Energy Consulting

Many businesses waste thousands every year on overpaying for utilities, as well as staff time spent on admin and maintenance of these services.

Energy is of course essential, but it needn’t be stressful or time consuming to put in place. Here, we outline how your business could implement strategies to reduce this pain point.

  1. The first thing to do is to engage with a specialist who understands the energy industry. This is the number one best course of action you can take at the start of your energy setup journey. You may think this is unnecessary, and that you can source the best utility companies yourself, but an industry specialist will have connections with these companies, be able to source deals and select the best partner for your business. 
  2. Increasing energy bills are a huge source of stress for domestic and business clients alike. Additional charges with no explanation, rises in monthly direct debits, changes to government legislation resulting in increases in costs, are a minefield. It can cost businesses many man hours for an administrator to address some of these issues. One phone call to a utility rep can take up to 30 minutes, an email one whole day to be answered! This is valuable time that could be spent on your business or with your customers, and time an energy consultant could halve using their connections. 
  3. Taking a look into energy consulting could be a great first step if you are trying to cut costs. Usually, this is one of the first areas a financial manager will look at if your business needs a boost. It may seem counter-productive to spend money if you’re trying to save it, but energy consulting is a long-term strategy. The upfront costs could be seen as an investment to protect your time and resource expenditure for the future of your business. 


You may not think that energy consulting is something your business needs, and you may not see the value just yet, but our client testimonials and repeat customers show us that our mission to help businesses save their resources works – and business owners all over Essex benefit. Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our experts and see how we can help your business.