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About Us

Here at Energycentric we help public and private sector businesses reduce their energy bills. We understand the complex nature and pressures of running a business. Utility bills can make up a large proportion of running costs, that is where energy consulting companies come into play!


We have over 10 years experience and offices based in London, where we have helped many UK businesses, across different sectors, to reduce their energy bills.


Energy consulting companies look after clients’ utility needs for the entire contract, liaising with suppliers on their behalf.


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How We Work

We manage clients procurement to get the best deal, validate bills, help them to better understand the marketplace and even advise them how to reduce their carbon footprint.


We also work hard to maintain our excellent relationship with energy suppliers and water companies, this is important for energy consulting companies so we can ensure the best prices for our clients.


We can ensure we get the best possible prices, service and contracts available for our clients.


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