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We are a utility consultancy based across the UK. With offices in London, Wokingham, Bournemouth, Exeter and Manchester, we are able to offer our expertise to most of the country.  Therefore, at Energycentric we exist to save you money on your utility costs.


We are able to do this by building and maintaining strong relationships with utility providers and our clients. Our team is made up of advisers, industry specialists and in-house analysts. These experts track and monitor the market at all times therefore to ensure all our clients buy resources during the most cost-effective periods.


As an energy consultant firm, we work with clients to help reduce their utility costs.


Due to our expert team, we are able to provide support and help in procurement, management, gas, water, electricity and sustainability. For all utilities, our services are vast and many. 

Therefore they include:


Market analysis which gives you the knowledge to prepare for budgeting.

Free energy reviews that provides information on what savings you can make.

Transfer to new suppliers, therefore allowing you to save in time and removes any hassle.

Procurement allows our clients to get the best possible price for your energy.

Ongoing bill validation ensures you are not being overcharged.

Our flexible contracts gives you control without contract tie-ins.

Group buying schemes allow you to make any additional savings.

CRC advice, therefore we always offer the best advice to our clients.  


For our clients, working with Energycentric means they will benefit from our long-term experience and know-how. Therefore together, we can transform their challenges into solutions that are future proof, energy efficient, cost effective and practical.


As an experienced energy consultant, we know how important sustainable energy is.

We are very proud to be able to offer this support to our customers and we hope more companies will dive into this route. Our services include wind and tidal power, hydro, solar and biomass support. We understand that renewable energy is a big investment, but using our guidance and support, we can ensure that it will not be a complicated one.


Therefore, by deciding to bring your company into renewable energy, we can guarantee that you will marvel in the long term benefits. There are many rewards to revel in when making the move to renewable energy, let us help you see what they are!


When you choose Energycentric to be your energy consultant, you are choosing a company with many years experience with a team of experts at hand. We will be able to help your business save money on their utility bills. Our team are able to do this from years of hard work and knowledge within the industry.


At Energycentric we want to ensure that all our clients can decide how involved they would like to be. Therefore, we offer a client login page through our website. Here, every client is given unique login details that they can use to track your costs, bills and rates. As an experienced energy consultant, we do not hide anything from our clients. Therefore, by using this login page, you get to see every page of the business and your deals.


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