Domestic Energy Price Comparison from Energycentric

Energy Price Comparison

Here at Energycentric we pride ourselves on our status as Business Utility Experts. Helping public and private sector businesses to make significant reductions on their gas, electric and water bills is what we are renowned for, offering independent energy procurement and consultancy services. Something that you may not know is that as well as applying these services to the corporate world, we also offer domestic gas and electricity projection services, through our own Domestic Energy Price Comparison website.

The tariff calculator we use is provided by Energylinx, a Confidence Code accredited company that compares energy for domestic consumers, with impartial, whole of the market results that really can make you substantial savings. By working alongside Energylinx, we are able to search and compare every single tariff available in the UK from every single supplier. On average we have saved those who use the comparison site around £205.14 per annum.

Our dedicated call centre is open throughout the week too, from 9am until 8pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 6pm on Fridays. Whether electricity, gas, or the two combined, the suppliers we compare include npower, Scottish Power and The Utility Warehouse, giving you the full scope of energy suppliers in the UK.

The calls for consumers to consider switching between energy suppliers have been growing recently, coming off the back of record profits taken by members of the energy industry’s ‘Big Six’. Although one of their number have recently announced a cut in gas prices of 5%, this comes as a result of having already charged exceptionally high prices on their fixed rate, making any cut merely a superficial saving to consumers.

There are a huge number of smaller suppliers in the market, whose marketing budget may not be as impressive, but offering of gas and electricity certainly is. Shopping around for the best price is good practise. Let energy companies work to keep you and make sure that any money you can save is kept in your pockets and not those of the energy suppliers.

Now is a great time of year to be looking at energy comparison too. As the summer draws to a close and the winter months beckon, it is important to remember that your usage will go up. Looking now at a low priced fixed rate deal that keep your costs, and not your home, frozen over the coming months, should protect you against high energy charges at the time we need our energy most. There might even be the case where you have overpaid your current supplier over the summer months when you have used so little, meaning that you are in credit and have a refund due should you choose to switch.

The process is so incredibly easy that it seems ridiculous not to check your energy costs regularly. Simply click here to be directed to the Energycentric Price Comparison Calculator and follow the simple instructions. If there is a cheaper deal then you will find it here, and save yourself potentially hundreds of pounds by switching.