Why should businesses use an Energy Consultant?

Why Use an Energy Consultant?

For SME’s the idea of having an in-house energy department is just not an option. Not only expensive, there are the implications of PAYE, internal training and just a massive time factor to think about. Ultimately it is unnecessary too. Everything that an internal energy department can do can be done by a less expensive, and less time consuming, Energy Consultant, bringing you all the benefits of energy management with none of the pitfalls.

An independent energy consultant is able to offer impartial advice focussed on saving you money. Rather than be supplier driven, it is the job of an energy consultant to guide you through the process based on your energy needs. They give an external and objective analysis and should have the connections necessary to get the best price that the market has to offer.

The fact is that with an energy consultant acting as your energy department, you can have your unique requirements tailored to. It’s simple really and something that SME’s especially can benefit from.

You want to be paying the lowest energy tariff you can, right? For an energy consultant this should be pretty straightforward, as they will take responsibility for the management of your energy contract and keep up to date with how the market looks.

The Energy Consultancy Process

Making sure you recruit the services of a company with strong relationships with suppliers is crucial. This relationship allows your Energy Consultant to negotiate rates. This can be incredibly valuable to clients, as the more purchasing power they have, the better rates they will be able to secure. The savings can then be transferred directly onto you.

Once these rates are secured your consultant will then be in the position to manage your energy bills, safe in the knowledge that your rate is as competitive as it can be. The top Energy Consultancies start by looking back at previous years, to determine if you have been charged correctly. Once this is established you can alleviate any risk of issues in future and have only verified invoices processed.

Once you have secured the optimum energy rate it is then crucial that your consultancy maintains your efficiency, working with you on a continuous basis and giving you a single point of contact. If you are a larger user of energy, you should receive detailed energy reports that give you an analysis of usage and outline exactly where your money goes. You can then undertake energy saving measures to keep those bills low.

Using an energy consultant can be critical to successfully keep your businesses running as low as possible.

If you’re interested in using an energy consultant speak to us today to find out more about what we can offer.